We are a privately owned family business and have been operating in Canada since 1993.  Prior to moving to Canada Brian and Eileen Reynolds owned and operated a drydock and shipyard in Pembroke Dock, Wales. 


Trading as Haven Trading Canada Inc. we were involved in projects in various countries to dismantle, move and relocate industrial power generation equipment.  Celtic Power & Machining was formed when we established a new industrial machine shop in Rapid City, Manitoba.  The two companies were amalgamated in 2010.





Since our establishment in Canada we have worked hard to build our business and our reputation.  Being located in Western Manitoba has allowed us to grow into an unique company providing unique services.  The sheer variety of mechanical work available to us has pushed us to excel in many different industries.  The economy in Manitoba is diverse and spread out over a huge geographic area. This means there is an insufficient volume of work in any one sector to be specialized in one field alone.  The foundation of our reputation is successfully tackling even the most unusual jobs.  Each new job adds to our experience and knowledge, making the next challenging job just a little easier.  Now that we are well established we continue to look for new opportunities to demonstrate our value to new clients.

Gavin Reynolds

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I have been working in the industrial field for the past 20 years. Having grown up in a shipyard there was always very little doubt that heavy machinery would be in my future. I just didn't know the that it would all happen in the middle of the prairies. Growing a business in rural Manitoba has had its challenges but necessity has been the mother of invention and we have found niche opportunities that have allowed us to thrive.  Even as Brian and Eileen have retired from working, Celtic remains a family business.

I am the type of person who seeks out challenges to keep me motivated both in work and away from it. In April of 2017 I passed my flight test obtaining my Private Pilots Licence. This was a goal 30 years in the making and finally my work has created the opportunity to succeed at that particular challenge. Having my PPL allows me to travel further afield without the hours of tedious driving. It also allows me better access to clients in remote sites such as the northern mines. Plus I REALLY enjoy it.


I truly enjoy taking on the really unusual jobs. Being willing to adapt my knowledge to new problems has given me the opportunity to travel not only in Canada but also further overseas. I can't imagine a time when I will be willing to sit at my desk and be resigned to the mundane. 

Quotes that make me happy:

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius --- and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction." - Albert Einstein

"Throw a grenade in the room and deal with the sh&%t where it lands"    - Unknown