We realise that quite often a client is simply looking for the best ideas to solve a problem. Our experiences have taught us that there is always more than one way to solve an issue. However, knowing what has worked in similar conditions allows the selection of a assured solution with less risk and unknowns. We are always happy to offer information on previous projects to help a client choose the best solution for their particular machinery problem.


As part of our daily work we are regularly tasked with improving the service life of machinery in difficult working conditions. This has allowed us to refine proven concepts for reducing oil contamination, abrasive wear, repetitive failures and equipment incompatibility issues. In most situations we can offer advice on machinery modification, protective coatings, improved sealing or other similar upgrades to increase Time Between Overhaul to an acceptable level.

Condition Reporting

Clients often request equipment condition reports to help them determine remaining life expectancy and anticipated future scope of repair. We travel to sites remote or near to complete inspections and ascertain machinery condition. Our completed reports help maintenance planners more effectively allocate maintenance budgets based upon our findings.

Machinery Moving and Rigging

We have extensive experience moving machinery in and out of tight spaces. We enjoy the challenge of detailing rigging, lifting and moving plans to move equipment in or out of location. 

Remote Locations

Gavin maintains a Private Pilots Licence which gives us access into remote locations. We are quite willing to travel off the beaten path to deal with problematic equipment.