Fabrication & Welding Services

We offer a broad range of welding capabilities complimented by our design and drafting abilities. We take on almost any welding task from simple repairs to the design and fabrication of larger structures. Our design capability is coupled with a local laser cutting supplier to produce very high quality components fabricated to tight tolerances.

We have an excellent track record of designing and fabricating components to fit in very tightly constrained places. Our staff back this up with the rigging skills to install what we build.

Our shop enjoys building challenging projects for one off applications such as bespoke truck bodies, powered decks, ag machinery, process equipment and even heavy duty cooking equipment. We have built everything from lab cabinets to lifting equipment.

To support our machine shop we have also have experience in welding difficult and unusual materials. Everything from simple TIG work to cast materials and exotic alloys for high temperature service.

We are happy to discuss any project and can bring forward valuable insight into the design and simplification of any fabrication.

General Fabrication

T.I.G. Work


Non ferrous alloys

Stainless Steel

AutoCAD design

Laser Cut Packs

Bespoke Equipment Design