Pump Overhaul

We have extensive experience overhauling all types of pumps from smallest to the very large. We serve all industry sectors from chemical process to agricultural irrigation. Our approach to pump repair is unique, we are not often limited by damaged components or waiting on O.E.M. parts. Our extensive machine shop allows us to repair damaged or worn components, manufacture new components and refine the fit of OEM components to optimize performance. The ability to manufacture our own replacement parts often allows us to provide much quicker turnaround times for equipment that would otherwise face long delays waiting for OEM parts.

Pumps received for repair are dismantled and a detailed "As Found" report is generated laying out the state of wear of the pump, identifying which components may be re-used and what repair work must be undertaken to bring the pump back to its original performance. 

One benefit we provide is that we can usually repair obsolete pumps in situations where a replacement pump is cost or time prohibitive. This can be due to the pump being installed in a hard to access place, or the pump is part of a larger piece of machinery or perhaps a new pump is simply not available to fit within the original confines of the site. Many pumps can have very long lifespans and sometimes modernizing and existing piece of machinery is far cheaper than replacing it outright. 

Our fabrication shop allows to us manufacture bespoke pump bases designed to fit your site conditions and your chosen equipment. We manufacture stand alone skids or grout in place designs machined to exacting tolerances. For packaged projects the pump and motor are shop aligned before shipment allowing for a much faster installation on site and with significantly reduced down time.

We are often tasked with improving some aspects of a given pump to extend its Time Between Overhaul (TBO) period. Often we find pumps that are well suited to the process are not well suited to their working environment. We have faced many situations where a problem pump can be converted into a reliable pump by simply selecting more suitable materials and seals. We design new components to improve performance, eliminate wear issues and stop contamination of lubricating oils in harsh environments. This has allowed us to enjoy many successes modifying pump components to better cope with specific fluids or entrained particles.

Once pumps have been made reliable, we then offer a step further to help develop preventative maintenance planning through monitoring of vibration, lubrication degradation, and key performance factors.

All repairs are documented and the completed pump is shipped back to the customer with an "As Built" report including all of the pertinent clearances, procedures used, material test reports, balancing data and if changes have been made, Management Of Change documentation is provided.

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