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At Celtic we aim  to provide a “one stop” shop for industrial plant, machinery and agricultural equipment.  We offer experience with a wide variety of equipment and strive to reduce your down time to a minimum

As both millwrights and machinists we understand how your equipment should operate.  This gives us an advantage when it comes to repairs.  We are able to diagnose faults, specify work required, manufacture new parts and return equipment to service.

Our customers come to us from all sectors including Chemical, Oil & Gas, Mining, Agriculture and Manufacturing.

Machine Shop

Comprehensive general machining

We are proud to offer a well equipped machine shop geared toward the wide variety of machinery found in Western Manitoba and Eastern Saskatchewan. All of our equipment consists of manual machine tools suited toward low volume manufacture of components or repair of machinery. We focus on high quality repairs for industrial and agricultural customers ranging from mining and petrochemical to food processing and grain handling.

Industrial Pump Overhaul

Repair and refurbishment of industrial pumps and components

We provide complete overhaul services for most types of industrial pumps. We specialize in manufacturing parts, modifying components and improving efficiency. This leads to  increased Time Between Overhauls , asset life extension and reliability. We also  design and fabricate custom pump bases or skids ready to install, built to your site dimensions.

Machinery Repair

Industrial ~ Agricultural ~ Mining ~ Process

Overhaul and maintenance of industrial and agricultural equipment including power transmission products, hydraulic components, drive equipment and large scale machinery. we specialize in large equipment and often manufacture our own tools to allow us to repair machinery that would otherwise have to be returned to the manufacturer. Individual components of up to 5 tons are easily moved around our shop.

On Site Services

Onsite repair, installation and commisioning of equipment

We offer millwright services locally and to remote locations. Everything from planned maintenance and turnaround activities to moving and installation of new machinery. We can offer small teams of skilled workers for shorter duration projects of up to 10 days. We are comfortable working with mining, chemical and manufacturing plant equipment.

Fabrication Services

Fabrication and welding repairs of ferrous and non ferrous metals

Everything from structural access platforms to machinery repairs to the repair of bronze and iron castings. We offer design, draft and fabrication services for all types of projects. Everything from general repair of agricultural machinery to high quality architectural metal work.

Reliability consulting and equipment optimization

Diagnosing and modifying equipment to eliminate repeat failures

We have a proven track record of being able to complete failure analysis, investigate possible changes and provide reports outlining equipment improvements. At some point many of our clients have faced problems associated with the repeat failure of a component or piece of equipment. We have developed a reputation for investigating the failures and identifying the root cause. We then strive to offer the most cost effective solution whether it be a change in process management, additional controls or modifying the problem equipment to eliminate the weak point.

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