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Celtic Power & Machining offers a "one stop shop" for all your industrial repair, maintenance and machining needs. We are proud to maintain a diverse skill set that allows us to dismantle damaged equipment, fabricate or machine new parts and return the equipment to service.
Machine Shop

We offer a well-equipped general machine shop focused on repair machining, and the custom manufacture of repair parts. Our machine shop supports all aspects of our work, be it overhauling equipment in house or repair work in the field. We also offer custom machining to clients' design and specification.

Dynamic balancing to G2.5 Specification and up to 8' diameter

Lapping to 9" diameter

Mechanical Services

Onsite maintenance activities including plant turnaround, equipment installation, emergency repair, agricultural and industrial equipment. We are experienced in rigging and moving heavy machinery.


Grouting and alignment of new equipment

Large diesel / natural gas engine overhaul

All types of pump repairs

Drives and gear reducers

Conveying equipment


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Mechanical Seals

Failure analysis and repair of mechanical seals. We can often assist with urgent repairs when new seals are simply too far away. We have the capability to lap faces up to 9" diameter. Optical inspection of refinished components and machining of replacement metallic parts.


Experienced fabricators that make use of the latest CAD software to design assemblies using laser cut components. We weld most materials including the repair of cast iron and bronze components. From the smallest TIG work to heavy steel sections.

Consultancy, Planning and Remote Locations

We provide equipment inspections and condition reporting. Planned maintenance guidance and reliability upgrades.

As it becomes ever harder to find knowledgeable staff in many locales, we aim to provide timely guidance to help keep your machinery online. We have seen an increased need for a guiding hand during planned outages to ensure that scheduled maintenance proceeds smoothly with reliable results.

Gavin maintains a Private Pilots License and is willing to fly to remote locations to make repairs, provide assistance to staff onsite or simply to deliver urgent repair parts.

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